James on November 18th, 2012

Janka and I recently had the opportunity to visit Catalina Island.  Well, recently being August 26, 2012. I happened to be going through my computer cleaning out my photos (it’s amazing how much memory they take) and thought I would make a post.  If you have the opportunity, I definitely recommend taking the trip. Catalina […]

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Wyatt on August 5th, 2012

We recently moved into a new place. We left the apartment and the small town in the South Bay area that had been James’ home for the past ten years and we moved up north, along the coast of Southern California. One of the main differences is the time we spend commuting to work every […]

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Janka on November 6th, 2011

On our second trip up Sunrise highway, we decided to pull over and snap a few photos at the various viewpoints and turn offs. After a scenic trip up the mountain we came to the Pioneer Mail Picnic Ground.  The trail starts off wide with rock walls towering above on either side of the trail; […]

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Janka on October 22nd, 2011

A  third Saturday, a third hiking trip. According to our trusted guide, our destination on that sunny October  morning was Cuyamaca Peak. We packed our backpacks, threw in some turkey and cheese sandwiches and made sure we had plenty of icy water. The drive from Chula Vista takes about an hour and a half. Directions […]

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Wyatt on October 9th, 2011

On trip two of our Jerry Schad journey, we choose to hike the old mining site located just outside of Julian.  On this trip we decided to take along our personal trainer friend Dave from Body Anew.  As always, Dave had plenty of nutritional info to share with Janka on the hour and a half […]

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Janka on January 23rd, 2011

So here we are. It’s been a year since we said “I do”, holding hands, watching the excitement, promise and vision of a wonderful future in each other’s eyes.  We kept smiling as we declared our commitment for each other and I remember fighting tears of joy. I can’t believe a whole year has passed. […]

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Janka on December 12th, 2010

Wow, only in California can you go hiking on a hot summery day, sweating under the intense sun rays, two weeks before Christmas! This weekend, early on Saturday afternoon, we headed to Cowles Mountain in the Mission Trail Regional Park. This place is one of my favourite for hiking; I don’t mind the fact that […]

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Wyatt on October 16th, 2010

Friday night. After a busy week, we are quietly sitting on the couch, working on Wyatt cartoons and James&Janka blog. We haven’t talked about what we’ll have for dinner and even though we cook from scratch every night, no aroma is coming from the kitchen tonight. I haven’t even thought about it! “Do you want […]

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Wyatt on October 2nd, 2010

Baseball… Is there a game more American than baseball? Growing up in Czechoslovakia, a small country in the middle of Europe, I only knew about baseball from movies and literature. Baseball was present in most American movies. In crime stories, murders happened with a baseball bat and an adolescent character in one of Philip Roth’s […]

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Wyatt on September 26th, 2010

I take off my flip flops and walk slowly into the Ocean. As I stop and let the cool waves wash around my ankles, I look down and watch the golden powder of sand glittering under the water. Still high up in the clear sky, the sun is slowly descending in front of me, touching […]

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