Not sure how it came to be but something Janka and I are both extremely excited about is our garden. I guess I have to confess I took a minute to get involved. I was just ensuring we had all the services, address changes, and minutia of the move under control. That said I would say Janka has been ensuring we keep up the excitement of building a home together. We are really a good team in that way, so I felt a little guilty as I watched her start tilling the soil where we want to put some citrus and avacoda trees in the back. Don’t get me started on correct digging attire, yes she was wearing a bikini and flip flops but she was having fun and excited about the project!


The soil was arid in the area where we want to place the trees so we needed to break it up and see just how bad it was.  I bent the shovel several times just trying to get it into the ground. What we discovered was ants were using old mole or gopher tunnels as highways under the ground.  I found several old tree roots that I needed to take out and we definitely needed to breathe some life into this soil. 

Janka took a soil sample up to our local nursery and came back with Planter Mix and Mulch. I worked that into the soil of our two garden sites.


While doing this digging and planting we decided we wanted to try our hand at growing things.  Luckily our friends Art and Anna brought by some arugula and Janka has been doing just find with that plant.  So we picked up some herbs and a tomatoes plant to test out our green thumbs. 

All the excitement was catching momentum until I realized we needed to work on the front yard before we start spending on our green house. So we have abruptly stopped working on the back and are focusing on the front lawn. 

More to come…

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