It’s a Jungle out There!

So I am enjoying the backyard and have decided to take some photos of my local wild life.

So here they are from A to Z:



Yes these little guys will soon be getting their own post I am sure.  Tilling the soil for our garden I realized just how many ants we have in our backyard!  Not sure what I am going to do as a garden is a must for me.  Right now I am trying to reduce the population with Boric Acid, Sugar, and Water.



Glad to see these little guys as I will be needing them to pollenate my flowers and garden.



Just some little guys that drop by daily but I don’t know what species they are eventually, eventually.


So this little guy was under a shrub of mine battling some ants.  By the time I ran to get the camera and got back, he had escaped.  He soon reached up, grabbed a limb of the shrub and climbed into the canopy.  


These guys are always scurrying around.  Some nice colors on them actually. 

Mountain Lion

Yes please be very, very careful when you come over.  We have a mountain lion named Wyatt that roams the premises. 


Pancho the Parrot

Not technically in our backyard but he is right next-door and definitely contributes to the ambiance!

Praying Mantid

That’s right, I said mantid…you can find some interesting discussions about mantis or mantid.

Red-Tail Hawks

Now, I have always been a fan of birds of prey.  While these guys aren’t officially in my backyard, they too are right behind the fence.  Hopefully they will come inside the fence and fix my little gopher or mole problem. 


These guys are all over the back.  I am getting a greenhouse to protect my veggies!



Not much to say here, just hope I don’t get stung.



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