You may remember from our Gardening Time post that Janka and I abruptly quit working on our garden to begin landscaping our front yard. It was a long journey but we thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to share a few photos from the process..

Escrow was not kind to our front yard. The grass was suffering and gophers had destroyed the lawn. I bought an electric trimmer and began shaping what was left. I didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion we would have to start over. I began looking for landscapers when Janka expressed her strong belief we could do it ourselves. Remember the Painting Our House post? We were about to start another project together.

Step one was to look around for inspiration. We took a stroll around our neighborhood and saw a few designs and plants we liked. Next was researching online to fine tune our vision.

Once we had some good examples we drew a guide for our work.

The first thing that had to go was the old flower bed. That was actually pretty easy.

Next was breaking up the soil and as you can see from the picture one of us was working harder than the other during this part.

After a couple of weekends of heavy digging and turning the soil, our neighbor Tony came over to help us lay our irrigation system.

Creating a new flower bed was next and once again one of us was working harder than the other as shown in the pictures.

We laid the stone steps and planted grass seeds along the path that we designed based on one of the sketches.

Then it was time to cover the main area of the yard. We chose large river stones as the material, which turned out to be a lot harder than we thought. Load after load we got it done but decided to reduce the size of the stone portion of the lawn, when we realized how many loads and stones it would take to fill the whole area. Mulch was easier to work with and looked good too.

However, after a short break we regained our energy and enthusiasm, brought more stones and finished the lawn as planned.

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