1/2 large yellow onion     1/2 lb Spicy Italian pork sausage       1/2 lb ground beef   2 cups Mexican three cheese blend

2 cups Mozzarella cheese 1 table spoon minced garlic         Spinach eh about 2 cups        2 bottles Classic Tomato and Basil  pasta sauce


Step 1. Make a Johnny Walker Black with Coke and sip  IMG_0026

Step 2. Cut one half yellow onion and brown with 1/2lb spicy Italian pork sausage, ½ lb hamburger and a tablespoon of minced garlic.

Step 3. Put on water to boil noodles. No boil noodles are a no no !

IMG_0026 copyStep 4. As the garlic, onion and sausage begins to make the house smell yummy sneak to the restroom and add some faux sweat to your brow.

Step 5.  Take a sip of JBC!

Step 6. Place Ricotta in a bowl with an egg and mix with salt and pepper.

IMG_0032Step 7. Drain fat from meat into water boiling for noodles. Cook noodles

Step 8. Add sauce to meat about a bottle and ½ of Classic Tomato and Basil that I get at Costco.

Step 9. Spray pan with non stick spray

Step 10. Drain noodles and rinse with cold water

Step 11. Add layer of meat sauce to pan

Step 12. Top meat sauce with a layer of noodles

Step 13. Add layer of 1/2 Ricotta mixture and  ½ of spinach

Step 14. Top with Mozzarella cheese and layer of meat sauce

Step 16. Add layer of noodles rest of ricotta mixture and spinach

Step 17. Layer of Mexican style Blend shredded cheese and meat sauce

Final  Layer of noodles last of meat sauce and rest of cheese.

Didn’t take a picture of final I ate!  The last photo is just before I added layer 3 of noodles.





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  1. Courtney says:

    I am so making this over the weekend! I’ll choose wine over Johnny Walker, tho!

  2. janka says:

    love it! haha :-)

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