Toronto To San Diego

Looking for Mr. Right? Well, so was Lenka until a she met Leo on a dating website. Ever wonder how it begins… how to tell if he is serious? Find out in the exciting Novel Toronto to San Diego.

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Love is Only

Living her “Single Girl in the Big City” life in Toronto Ontario, thirty-something Lenka has always believed that the “One” is somewhere out there. Successful in her job, and enjoying everything that her vibrant buzzing city has to offer, including online-dating with endless possibilities, she has never stopped longing to be truly loved.

A Click

At the same time, 4153 kilometers south, in Chula Vista California, Leo, a man of strong morals and a passion for writing, is in search of his muse. Having recently gone through a process of self-discovery and a string of relationships, Leo is ready for Her. He wants to learn her, intrigue her, and complete her. She will be his most perfect complement. Now only if he knew who she was.


Taking place simultaneously in Toronto and San Diego, this story shows what can happen when two are willing to let go of convention and embrace destiny. Both playful and intensely serious, this story is a call to arms that screams “Take a Chance! Do you want Love or not?”

Have you ever wondered whether you will ever find true LOVE?
Everything happens for a reason…

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