Whether it’s by writing about places we visited, communicating our points of view or sharing our love story with you – we hope to inspire YOU. We hope our writing will inspire you to seek or nurture the wonderful relationship you deserve.

Our bios:
Janka has always been intrigued by the mystery of romantic encounters and has enjoyed reading, writing and researching about relationships. She was born Slovakia, and lived in England and Canada. When she met James online, Janka lived in Toronto, where she worked for a small non-profit organization assisting new immigrants. After six months of a long distance relationship, she changed countries, so she could finally experience her boyfriend (now husband) in a three-dimensional way.

James grew up in Chesapeake Virginia. The oldest of three boys; he left home in 1991 to begin his journey of exploration and self-discovery. He experienced living in Texas, Georgia, Korea, and Saudi Arabia. He holds a B.A. in psychology, a M.A. in Multi-Cultural counseling and Social Justice. He currently lives, loves, and writes in Chula Vista, California with his wife Janka, and their cat Wyatt.

Wyatt was adopted from the Toronto Human Society. He lived with Janka when she met James and later experienced the adventure of flying when he moved to his new home. He prefers the weather in California; he was never very fond of the snow on Janka’s balcony in Toronto.

We are continuously working on nurturing and improving not only our relationship, but those of others, through every medium imaginable.

And still going strong!

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6 Comments on About Us

  1. Liz Swanson says:

    My name is Liz Swanson and I am the director of a nation-wide research project called The Tango Family Initiative (http://tangofamilyinitiative.com) designed to identify “relationship champions,” those persons around the nation who are passionate about helping to build healthy families, strong relationships and marriages

    The project is being initiated by Scott Beck. He is the founder and CEO of Tango, a private investment company in Boulder, Colorado, the first COO of Blockbuster Video, Chairman and CEO of Boston Market and founder and Chairman of Einstein Bagels. Scott’s passion is “to help build healthy and loving families through changed lives.”

    Could I schedule a 30-minute phone appointment with you in the next week or two? During the interview I want to hear your story, what got you started, and why you are so passionate about your work. We have been using the information we have collected to inform ourselves so that we will gain a realistic picture of the passions and the challenges people in the marriage and relationships arena face. We are interested in discovering how we can help further the cause and movement of healthy marriages and families in the nation in an innovative way.

    If you have any doubts about our credibility, please feel free to check us out with some of our friends: Sherod Miller of Couples Communication, Scott Stanley of PREP, David Olson and Peter Larson of Prepare Enrich or Julie Baumgartner of First Things First.

    You can simply reply to this email and we’ll work on getting something scheduled. I look forward to talking with you.


    Liz Swanson

    Liz Swanson

  2. jennifer fay says:

    Hi, Your site looks neat. You contacted me from LinkedIn. I copied your link and will help you when I social bookmark your link and others links.
    I currently write on hubpages and have my first mystery novel, Black Roses published and it’s online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
    On hubpages, I have my new novels in progress, recipes, poetry, etc… I look forward to reading your stuff.


    • Wyatt says:

      Thank you so much Jennifer I am on my way to check out your novel and hubpages site. I am sure we can work you in on our twitter and facebook sites!

  3. Stu Gray says:

    Hey Guys!

    Was looking for an email for you and can’t find one! You were nominated as a finalist for the Top 10 Marriage Blog list at StupendousMarriage.com..

    We’d love to have your readers stop by and vote – http://goo.gl/fr9nj

    Talk to you soon!

    Stu Gray

  4. Janka says:

    Hi Lukas and Jana, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed our pictures. Do you guys have a blog? Hope you keep visiting and enjoy our upcoming articles! :-)

  5. Lukas and Jana says:

    Hi, I am Jana, and my boyfriend Lukas thinks you are so cute..seriously, nice pcitures:)

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